Recent Projects

Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

Precision Horizontal Blending System – Orbital Precision Horizontal Blending systems combine Sackett-Waconia’s Declining Weight technology with the precision of an orbital blender. Designed for situations where overhead storage is not an option, but high accuracy blending is required, PHB systems allow for easy material loading, and use our PLC controlled DW technology to accurately dose […]

Parkton, NC

Compact Precision Fertilizer Blending® System An example of placing a complex system into limited space, this PFB system was designed to limit the amount of floor space required, while being worked into an existing building structure. The system features all of the normal PFB attributes, such as dual weigh hoppers and the HIM Mixer and […]

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Precision Fertilizer Blending System This plant is an example of fitting a modern system into an existing location. The Customer requested a lower profile design that limited the height of the overall tower, and required minimal pit-work. The System capacity is 100tph (set by the bagging system), with 50kg Simplex Bagging. Specs at a Glance […]

PEI, Canada

Precision Fertilizer Blending System This project was completed in two phases. The initial phase was an upgrade to the reclaim system feeding an existing tower blending system and retrofit of a HIM mixer into it, in order to improve blend quality while a final design for the upgraded full tower could be put in place. […]

Case Studies

Ravensdown – Christchurch, New Zealand

Ravensdown Fertilser Co-operative was founded in 1978 to stave off the fallout from the merger of the two primary suppliers of superphosphate in New Zealand. Rising prices and falling quality drove members to found a co-operative that was owned by farmers, and worked for farmers.The company’s goal was to modernize an existing facility and provide […]

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SeaGate Terminals – Chesapeake, VA

SeaGate Terminal’s Chesapeake, VA location is a deep water terminal on the Elizabeth River. The facility has the capacity to receive barges of bulk commodities (commonly ammonium sulfate fertilizer) to a warehouse and then load panamax vessels with the warehoused materials. The site is located on the south branch of the Elizabeth River in Chesapeake, […]

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Countryside Coop – Durand, WI

250 TPH Receiving System250 TPH Reclaim System250 Ton Blend Tower

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CHS – St. Charles, MN

      Receiving & Blending System for CHS – St. Charles, MN CHS wanted to combine its two dry fertilizer facilities in Minnesota into one. In addition, the company wanted a blend system that would produce an accurate mix fast, using both macro and micronutrients.The result was:12,000 tons of dry fertilizer storage capacity across 12 total […]

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Wilbur-Ellis Company – Mott, ND

    Receiving & Blending System for Wilbur-Ellis Company – Mott, ND In 2013, Wilbur-Ellis Company bought the former Mott Grain business in Mott, North Dakota. It was apparent from the first the facility would need to be expanded to increase speed and versatility to allow timely delivery and custom blends. Almost immediately they began working […]

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El Surco – González, Mexico

El Surco, founded in 1986 and headquartered in Tampico, Mexico, needed a soluble blending facility in González, Mexico that would be flexible enough to produce over 100 formulations, while maintaining high speed, precision, and quality.The company’s goal was to: “…develop a water-soluble fertilizers market in México, Latin America and USA with our own specialty products […]

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