The AccuBlend™ System

AccuBlend™ Systems feature a system of NTEP Certified weigh hoppers, arranged horizontally, precise PLC Controlled dosing and the precision blending of the Sackett-Waconia HIM 2.0 or the Orbital Blender.

Each piece is tied together by easy-to-use, intuitive,  smart automation that gives the user a simple interface and equipment performance monitoring. 

AccuBlend™ features technology developed and proven over 25years in application world wide. It’s a member of the Precision Fertilizer Blending® line of systems, it’s designed with 4R Nutrient Stewardship in mind.

What AccuBlend™ can do for you

Innovative Technology: What separates AccuBlend™ from other horizontal blending systems.

• Advanced, intuitive software
• Precision batch blenders
• NTEP ingredient weighing
• Optional built-in material conditioner
• Effective handling of liquid and powder additives
• No need to scale out
• Typical capacities from 80-150tph, with options for 200tph

Batch blending systems out-perform continuous systems because they do not need to layer ingredients. AccuBlend™ systems dose ingredients one at a time and transfer them at high speeds into a precision blender. This method of dosing allows hoppers to empty at full speed, allowing longer windows to be reloaded between discharges.

This one-at-time style of dosing also means that there is no proportioning required, like in continuous layering systems. Proportioning requires the automation package to estimate rates, run, and adjust on the fly to reach balanced layering. This results in reduced blend quality of the beginning and end of each batch. The AccuBlend™ batch style system will produce full and partial sized batches with the same precision blend quality.

And finally, batch systems allow variability on blend cycle times. Continuous systems cannot be paused or even slowed down, but AccuBlend™ provides the full flexibility to customize blend times for specific needs and products.

The AccuBlend™ is endlessly flexible when it comes to the type of blends it can create, regardless of how complex they are.

The AccuBlend™ System is designed to be flexible and work in multiple configurations and with either the HIM 2.0 precision blender or a Sackett-Waconia Orbital blender. The modular nature of the system means it can be expanded, and it can be arranged with belt or chain conveyor depending on your needs. AccuBlend™ is ideal for specialty applications and can be used for both bulk loadout and bagging applications.

Like all Sackett-Waconia products, safety is a primary design feature. Sackett-Waconia equipment meets or exceeds all OSHA standards, and we will meet any site specific requirements.

25 Years in the Making

AccuBlend™ systems are a technological leap forward for floor-based blending systems. Its mix of automation, a precision batch blender and Sackett-Waconia’s computer-controlled declining weight dosing make an ideal solution for those in need of a horizontal system and precise blending.

Making Precise Crop Nutrition Possible

It’s no secret that the Fertilizer Industry is changing in the face of new market pressures. Shifts in nutrient requirements have always been a given for the industry, but today it’s not about applying fertilizer, it’s the challenge of ensuring soil / site-specific balanced crop nutrition based on sound soil science.

The growing adoption of the 4R Nutrient Stewardship program, which emphasizes the optimum use of nutrients by placing the Right Source, at the Right Rate, at the Right Time, and in the Right place, allows the grower to maximize nutrient use efficiency while minimizing or eliminating environmental impact from using too much or too little crop nutrients.

As this need for soil / site-specific balanced nutrients is driven by market forces and environmental concerns, the equipment systems on which our industry relies, need to adapt as well. System flexibility, reliability, consistency, and precision are the main drivers of efficiency in blending. Gone are the days when a grower simply added an NPK source.  The U.S. and Europe are embracing technologies and data to apply nutrients based on the 4R’s. These in-depth data sources and crop monitoring technologies have led to an overall better understanding of nutrient application and nutrient use efficiency.

System Concepts

AccuBlend™ Systems are available in various customizable layouts, are expandable, and provide high quality Precision Fertilizer Blending®