HIM 2.0

The Next Generation Precision Blender from the 20 plus year legacy of the Sackett-Waconia HIM

With 20 years of fertilizer service and continued engineering development, the HIM 2.0 is the ultimate tool for Precision Fertilizer Blending. Featuring Industry leading gentle and efficient batch mixing and coating, the HIM 2.0 is designed to support the 4R’s, with short mix times and precise blends.

Mix Quality
The HIM 2.0 features a unique shell design with twin rotors that provide the unmatched quality and consistency required to meet the standards of Precision Agriculture.

Gravity loading from overhead weigh hoppers is extremely fast. Mix times are 30 seconds or less, with nearly instantaneous discharge via the twin “bomb-bay” doors, which completely empty the mixer.

The heavy stainless steel plate body with all stainless steel guarding and brackets, low rotor speed, meshing spur gears to drive the rotors, and oversize bearings with compression seals sets the standard for dependability.

Coating & Impregnation
The HIM 2.0 features a continuous mixing action that is ideal for all types of additives range from high and low viscosity liquids, nitrogen inhibitors to various powder additives such as WolfTrax. The shell and rotor design eliminates "dead zones" within the blender allowing for complete distribution of additves.

HIM 2.0

The Science Behind the Precision
The unique synchornized overlapping paddle design eliminates “Dead Zones” inside the body of the mixer and keeps all particles in motion during the process. This design is increasingly important with new fertilizers such as polymer coated products and micronutrients that are sensitive to degradation. The HIM 2.0 allows for lower rates of liquids to be used, by maximizing how many particles contact each other. All this is accomplished in a gentle motion that greatly reduces the risk of damaging a particle or coating.

Instantaneous Discharge
The HIM 2.0 uses “bomb-bay” style doors to discharge a batch as quickly as possible, effectively preventing your blend from segregating. They Feature:
• A center pivot point for positive secure seal during
• Fewer moving parts with new linkage design
• No locking mechanisms required

The HIM 2.0 is a flexible batch mixer that can be used in both vertical or horizontal systems. It’s used in applications ranging from R&D and water soluble fertilizer blending systems to Blending Towers. Precision blending systems are available in capacities up to 300 tph.

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2013 ARA Ag Gateway Award Winner