Precision Fertilizer Blending®

What is Precision Fertilizer Blending® (PFB)?

Precision Fertilizer Blending® is Technology that assures that blended multi-nutrient fertilizers meet the analysis determined by soil and crop-specific requirements to maximize yields/minimize environmental impact/improve human and animal nutrition and ensure farmer’s economic success. 

Why Choose PFB over existing Technologies?

Blending is a main link between fertilizer production and nutrient uptake. At Sackett Waconia, we build PFB systems because even the best nutrients and application technology cannot maximize nutrient use efficiency without highly effective blending.

Agronomy, planting, and spreading of fertilizer have all seen large technological leaps over the last decade. Fertilizer blending technology was the last link in the chain that needed improvement. Sackett Waconia offers Precision Fertilizer Blending® systems that are engineered to ensure farmers can really put down the right source, at the right rate, at the right time, and in the right place.

Precision Fertilizer Blending® is technology to handle complex blends with speed, accuracy, quality, and flexibility. It’s specifically designed for introducing micronutrients, chemicals, EEF’s, and value added products
PFB systems assure that physically blended multi-nutrient fertilizers meet the analysis, as determined by soil and crop specific requirements, to maximize yields, minimize environmental impact, improve human and animal nutrition, and ensure farmers’ economic success.

  • Formula Accuracy of ± .1%
  • Precision Blenders
    Batch blending for:
    • A high level of efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility
      Guaranteed analysis
    • Traceability
  • Advanced precision automation – SmartBlending®

Blending is a main link between fertilizer production and nutrient uptake. Without precise dosing and thorough  blending, even the best nutrients and application technology cannot maximize nutrient use efficiency.

When it comes to fertilizer blending, Sackett-Waconia’s goal is to design, engineer, and build equipment that supports proper nutrient stewardship and nutrient use efficiency.

After the introduction of the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Program, we quickly realized that it was spurred on with the same values as PFB – and we’ve been optimizing our precision blending systems in line with th 4R’s ever since. Today, Sackett-Waconia is a proud 4R Partner, and we continue to strive toward the best technology possible to ensure we’re fulfilling our commitment to the cause. 

In short, everything. PFB is a philosophy, a process, a system, and a line of equipment. PFB systems are high-speed batch blending systems. Through the use of specialized automation, multiple weigh hoppers, and batch blenders, PFB Systems are able to provide a high degree of accuracy to an intended analysis. Also, they’re flexible enough to modify formulas and batch sizes to meet any output required – as many times as needed during a day.

Dosing via Multiple Weigh Hoppers

PFB systems sample weights, via load cells, dozens of time a second and, through machine learning, evaluate their own accuracy – making adjustments as needed. And since multiple weigh hoppers are being used, each material in a blend has its own certified weight which increases formula accuracy and adds traceability.

Precision Batch Blenders

PFB systems utilize the most robust and accurate blenders in the industry: The Sackett-Waconia HIM 2.0 and Orbital blenders. Both machines are designed for a tough life in a fertilizer plant, featuring heavy duty stainless steel plate construction and high quality drives, bearings, and seals. Both machines thoroughly blend material and, by design, have no “dead zones” inside their bodies which can ruin formula accuracy.

Advanced automation with SmartBlending®

A feature of premium Sackett-Waconia blending systems, Smart Blending™ is a suite of sensors, integrated automation, and  an interactive user interface designed to give you complete control of your blending system, while providing you with both performance and maintenance feedback. It’s designed to maximize precision and efficiency while providing real-time data in a user-friendly environment.

PFB Systems are available in a large range of capacities and layouts:

  • Tower blending Systems
    • Overhead  Ingredient Storage
  • AccuBlend Systems
    • Horizontal Ingredient Storge
  • Water Soluble Fertilizer Blending Systems