Powder Feeder

The Sackett-Waconia powder feeder is designed to dose powdered additives into batch or continuous blending systems. With several feed options available, it can handle all types of powdered additives, such as WolfTrax micronutrients.

Sackett-Waconia offers complete feeder systems with various configurations to meet your needs. They can be automated to act as a retrofit to existing systems, easily incorporated into new systems such as Sackett-Waconia’s Declining Weight system, or act as a standalone feeder.

The feeder is designed so that it can handle nearly any product, whether it comes in barrels, boxes, or bags. We focus on dosing and conveying, to ensure your blend is as accurate as possible. The Feeder also includes a second outlet and reversing screw that allows you to purge the unit without wasting product, or turning on downstream equipment.

Sturdy, all stainless steel, construction ensures a long service life. Support structures can be customized to fit your needs, and can include casters for easy maneuvering.

The Feeder supports the full range of powdered micronutrients and target dosing rates. With the use of a VFD, the feeder can handle all product minimum and maximum rates without slowing the blend cycle (with the exception of copper below 0.01%, due to its small volume). Each feeder is individually scaled and features a 4-point tension load cell system. Dosing is achieved by a 4” screw, and soft connections are provided as necessary.