Smart Blending™

Smart Technology for Precision Blending

A feature of premium Sackett-Waconia blending systems, Smart Blending™ is a suite of sensors, integrated automation, and  an interactive user interface designed to give you complete control of your blending system, while providing you with both performance and maintenance feedback.

It’s designed to maximize precision and efficiency while providing real-time data in a user-friendly environment.

Smart Blending™ systems seamlessly integrate:

  • State-of-the-art equipment control*
  • Automation
  • Agronomy interface
  • ERP interface
  • Maintenance, performance, and safety/hazard monitoring
  • Customizable reporting
  • Ingredient traceability**

Designed from the ground up to be easy to use, Smart Blending™ features an improved, intuitive, user interface for an enhanced experience.

A New Approach to Blending

Precision + Efficiency = Value

Smart Blending™ software packages interface with both ERPs and Ag Software. Thanks to the tireless work with our partners, it is robust and reliable, with the flexibility you need to change formulas on the fly and keep product rolling out the door.

That flexibility is the key to supporting Precision Agriculture. The technology suite is designed to be the backbone of our Precision Fertilizer Blending® family of systems. Its automation takes advantage of machine learning and constant monitoring to improve its own efficiency with each run.

Maintenance Feedback

One of the goals of the software is to minimize downtime. Through the use of feedback, alerts. Featuring both terminal and remote tablet control, the system communicates with the users directly during operation. It also features maintenance reminders, to help keep the system running at peak efficiency.


Smart Blending™ systems shut down for critical alerts, to prevent personal injury and equipment damage. Like with all Sackett-Waconia products, safety is a primary design feature.

* Smart blending is designed for use with Sackett-Waconia’s family of Precision Fertilizer Blending Systems (PFB) systems and is not available for: declining weight, non-PFB blending systems, or systems not built by Sackett-Waconia.

**PFB systems provide a certified weight (NTEP in the US) for each ingredient, allowing for adherence to formula yielding a product analysis accurate to +/- .1%. The system provides a final weight of each ingredient to aid ERPs and/or Agronomy software packages to accurately track inventory and product distribution.