Coating Systems


Since 1897 Sackett-Waconia has  been a leader in technology and innovation in the Fertilizer Industry. With over 200 patents, equipment on 6 continents and in over 60 countries, and joint ventures in Brazil and South Africa, we continue to provide industry-leading technology and support in the US and throughout the world.


Coating, encapsulation, and impregnation are an important part of the fertilizer industry. Sackett-Waconia offers a wide array of systems for the incorporation of liquid and powder additives. Systems are available for the production process and at each step up to the retail level. All Sackett-Waconia blending systems offer options for coating and impregnation. Our long experience in the industry has provided a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows us to work with existing systems and provide innovative solutions for our customers.

Research and Development

Sackett-Waconia’s R&D department can work with you to test the compatibility of your product and our equipment, develop processes, and test application rates. R&D regularly tests new products as they are released, and in many cases has worked with manufacturers to test their products for prior to reaching the market. Please contact us for further details, or to set up trials.

Available Coating Devices

Hoppers, Feeders, and Controls


Granulation plants can require everything from mixing to tumbling in order to apply various additives or coatings during the process. These include nutrients, encapsulation, protective coatings, and/or de-dusting agents. Sackett-Waconia has been a trusted name in granulation since we began building process plants in the 1930s. We will bring that breadth of experience and work with you the ensure maximum efficiency and the best quality product you can make.

Blending plants and Terminal locations make for a large share of customized coating and impregnation applications. We have a full line of equipment that can be incorporated into both types of locations. All Sackett-Waconia blending systems are capable of coating, and most can accept multiple inputs.

Standalone systems are available for any type of location and can include small-scale tower units, various blenders, or custom systems engineered as required.