Tower Blending Systems


Sackett-Waconia pioneered tower blending systems in the 1920’s with our first “Mixing & Shipping Units”. Since then, we have been continuously updating and improving the technology. Several versions are available, with various mixers, depending on the customer’s needs. Tower Blending is an effective way to reduce the overall footprint of your blending system, and they can vary in capacity from 90ton Mini Towers to 300+ tons of overhead storage, with our flagship line of towers featuring the HIM 2.0 Precision Mixer and Smart Blending™ system.


At Sackett-Waconia, we employ three types of blenders in our towers. When overall system speed and high-quality complex blends are required, we offer the HIM 2.0. For precision requirements, we also offer our one-of-a-kind Orbital Blender. By customer request, we can also provide towers with vertical blenders.

Tower blending systems are available in many configurable layouts designed to accommodate tasks from bulk loadout (trucks) to bagging, include material conditioning prior to the blender, and can include re-elevation systems to pre-treat/pre-blend materials for storage and later use.

All Sackett-Waconia equipment is built with heavy-duty material, class II drives, oversized shafts, etc, making our equipment the most reliable in the industry. Sackett-Waconia has HIM Towers throughout the US and around the world, with many in use for close to 3 decades, and with millions of tons processed. We offer standard automation packages, have relationships with automation suppliers throughout the industry, and work hard to ensure user-friendly applications and full operational support.

To maximize efficiency and performance, Sackett-Waconia offers standard automation packages by application. We work hard to ensure user-friendly applications and full operational support. If you currently work with an automation company, have a preferred company in mind, or have any other specific requirements such as accounting or agronomy system interface, we will work with you to ensure the smooth integration of our systems. Whatever your choice, our goal is to make certain that your needs are met and you have on-going support when you need it.

Sackett-Waconia has in-house project management and field/service technicians, as well as installation and service partners, throughout the US and Canada to provide our customers with local support and service. We strive to ensure the proper installation of our equipment and are happy to work with any engineering firm or general contractor you may hire. While it may not be necessary for all systems, we can provide on-site engineering support and start-up/commissioning visits.

As with all Sackett-Waconia systems and equipment, safety is a primary design feature. We incorporate US OSHA standards into our designs as a baseline and are happy to increase safety measures to meet any corporate or site-specific measures.