Bulk Conditioners

More than simply breaking large lumps...

Sackett-Waconia bulk conditioners take lumpy granular materials and press them through a screen to return them to their granular state. This provides better material for coating or blending. The low rotor speed of the bulk conditioner minimizes, and in most cases eliminates, degradation of the material you are passing through it.

  • The units not only help break down lumps, but also act as a barrier to keep debris from entering your down-stream equipment.
  • Removeable screen for easy maintenance

  • Slow rpm speed on rotors to minimize degradation

Generally, bulk conditioners can be found in a system just prior to a coater or blender, however they can be sized for high capacity applications, such as barge receiving. They are constructed with an all-stainless housing, and feature heavy duty components for a long service life. They are designed to be used in nearly any environment, and can currently be found operating world-wide. Capacities are available at or below 60tph,  and range up to 600tph (based on average 60PCF materials)

Bulk Conditioners can be integrated as part of a system, or be used in stand alone applications. Stand alone units include a safety start-up alarm with flashing red light and horn in NEMA 4X enclosure – which works in conjunction with the motor starter.

Important Safety Note:

If you are considering the purchase of a bulk conditioner without a hopper and discharge transition from Sackett-Waconia:

The area above the rotor (feed hopper) must be constructed in such a way that the rotor area is covered by grating to prevent personnel from coming into contact with moving parts.  Additionally a “baffle system” is required over the rotor to protect it from “shock” loading.

Consult OSHA and your local safety regulations prior to considering this option.