Process Systems


Sackett-Waconia has been a trusted name in Fertilizer Granulation Systems since we began building them in the 1930’s. Over the years we have been awarded many patents for fertilizer product technology and have built some of the most reliable and longest operating plants around the world. Sackett-Waconia’s technology and expertise includes NPK granulation, organic/by-product granulation, ammonium sulfate compaction/granulation and SSP production and granulation. Recent projects include organic material granulation (poultry manure, etc) and several NPK products.

The unique and years of experience with granulation systems allows us to design, engineer, and fabricate plants on nearly any scale. Combined with our fertilizer handling systems, we can provide equipment from the receipt of raw materials, through the granulation process to warehousing and loadout. Granulation systems can range in capacities up to 40 mtph, Sackett-Waconia offers a complete line of equipment for all your needs. We invite you to contact us today for more information, or discuss systems and testing.

Project Approach

Our approach to designing and engineering allows us to ensure project requirements are met, and we work hard to maintain an ongoing partnership with our customers. We have on site R&D facilities as well as the staff to offer process and basic engineering as well as complete equipment supply.

Design, Research, and Development

Environmental regulations, economics, agronomy, and technology all drive modern fertilizer production. Sackett employs an in-house engineering staff to research and design the most effective and efficient systems available. Due to our experience and capabilities, Sackett-Waconia can assess needs, test material, aid in process development, engineer the system, and then fabricate equipment. We are also on site at key points to ensure compliance with your specifications.

Another benefit is that our research and development lab allows us to obtain parameters, test, adjust, and scale up a design – before a single foundation is laid. Our lab is able to utilize steam or binders, dry, cool, and test both granule size and quality.


Sackett-Waconia’s main value is in being your partner, and not just your equipment supplier. We employ experienced engineering and R&D departments to help see your project through from concept to end of completion. Sackett-Waconia is dedicated to working with each client to provide systems and solutions that meet their needs for both now, and well into the future.