Liquid Fertilizer Dosing System

Sackett-Waconia liquid fertilizer dosing systems are designed for life in harsh fertilizer plant conditions. Constructed with corrosive environments in mind, our systems are built to the high standards of all our equipment for longevity, safety, and ease of use. They are compatible with all Sackett-Waconia blending systems, but also serve as stand-alone systems that can be retrofitted into any plant.

We offer system variations for high viscosity additives, like suspensions, and low viscosity additives – like coating oils or nitrogen inhibitors. We also offer three levels of system control, allowing for the use of all liquid additives and/or control scenarios and nearly any situation.

All stands are built with tube steel construction for stability and a long service life in harsh conditions with a heavy enamel top coat. Options are available for all stainless construction, including deck scale, as needed.

Sackett-Waconia liquid dosing systems are offered in a standard package that includes an enamel coated mild steel stand, Rice Lake Summit deck scale, Weg Motor, gear pump and connections, panel with motor starter, and programmable scale head.

Systems are tailored for the type of liquid to be handled, with options for high and low viscosity liquids. Some higher viscosity products require heated storage, heat blankets and/or Sackett-Waconia’s optional agitators. Larger motors and heavier duty pumps are available, depending on layout or liquids being used.

As every project is different, we offer control options to suit various needs. Our systems can be tied into existing facility automation or come with stand alone controls, in either full manual or semi-automated control packages.