Rotary Drums


For over 25 years, Sackett-Waconia has been a trusted name in Fertilizer Equipment. Over the years we have been awarded many patents for fertilizer product technology and have built some of the most reliable and longest operating plants around the world. Sackett-Waconia’s technology and expertise includes NPK granulation, organic/by-product granulation, ammonium sulfate compaction/granulation and SSP production and granulation.


Combining the best in engineering and manufacturing, Sackett-Waconia rotary drums are known for excellence worldwide. Our family of rotary drums includes granulators, dryers, coolers, coaters, kilns and calciners. Each drum is custom engineered to the process requirements. Drum shells are made of a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, inconel, and other high nickel alloys. Sackett-Waconia utilizes spherical roller bearings directly under the load point, to provide superior dependability. Drives, both gear or chain, are engineered for smooth operation and dependability.

Sacket-Waconia engineers rotary drums for many applications

Granulation Systems:

• Phosphates (SSP, TSP, DAP, MAP)
• Ammonium Sulfate
• Limestone
• Organics
• Minerals

Compaction Systems:

• Material preheat
• Product post-treatment including rounding,  drying, cooling, and coating

Thermal Processing

• Moisture removal
• Calcining

Coating Systems

• Process Systems
• Standalone
• System retrofit