Dillon, SC – AccuBlend®

AccuBlend System

AccuBlend® systems are designed to give the high precision adherence to a formula, but the convenience of floor level bins. AccuBlend® systems may resemble other floor based systems, but the similarity ends at the bins. NTEP certified weigh hoppers feed a transfer device and in turn a precision mixer, which accepts liquid and/or powdered additives, efficiently blends a batch and quickly loads the batch out – Never sacrificing accuracy, traceability, or speed.

The AccuBlend® system installed in Coastal Agribusiness’s Dillon, SC location features (5) major weigh hoppers and (4) liquid dosing systems for micronutrient and/or trace element additions. The system’s individually NTEP’d ingredients provide traceability, and the SmartBlending™ software adds the flexibility to change rates and/or ingredients on the fly. Each batch can be completely different from the one prior – but every batch is consistent from start to finish.

Flexible, accurate, and easy to use. The AccuBlend is a great solution for midsize plants, in a convenient horizontal format.

Specs at a Glance

System: AccuBlend
Storage: (5) 10 ton Weigh Hoppers
Blender: Orbital Precision Blender
Micronutrients:(4) Liquids
Discharge: To trucks
Capacity: 100+/- tons per hour