Cleveland, TN – Compact PFB Tower

Compact Precision Fertilizer Blending® System

Beaty Fertilizer, Inc. purchased their first compact PFB tower in 2016, and has since upgraded it, along with their receiving system, and added a second compact tower. The original system led to a large improvement in product quality and expanded capacity. The resulting uptick in business allowed for the addition of the second tower – doubling capacity.

The new system is built of all stainless materials and features a HIM 2.0 precision mixer. The company also chose an upgraded screener to increase system speed along with an expandable dosing system with an NTEP certified scale system.

PFB systems are designed to support 4R Nutrient stewardship by providing highly accurate, individual, material weights and superior blending. All to ensure the “Right Source” component is fulfilled as best as possible.  

Specs at a Glance

System: HIM Tower – Expandable Feed, with Pre-Screening
Storage: 10ton Weigh Hopper
Blender: HIM 2.0 Precision Blender
Discharge: To Bagging
Receiving System:200tph, Rail and Truck