Reading, PA – PFB Tower

Precision Fertilizer Blending® Tower

This retail plant, in Reading PA, services many types of specialty crops and row crops, utilizing both proprietary products and common nutrient resources. Given the very complex needs of the operation, a PFB Tower was chosen to upgrade the existing system, because of its flexibility, speed, and accuracy. Day to day, blend requirements at this location can vary from basic NPK or single straight goods to complex blends requiring up to 12 main ingredients, liquid additives, and powders. 

The basis for Precision Fertilizer Blending is 1. Accurate inputs (certifiable to .1%) providing precise inventory control raw material inputs. 2. Reliability, offering consistent, repeatable high-quality blends regardless of batch size or complexity. 3. Flexibility, ensuring addition of liquids or powders (micronutrients, stabilizers, biostimulants, microbes, etc.) without sacrificing precision or speed. 4. Automation designed for ease of use, intuitive interface and complete control of your blending system. 

In addition to the benefits of the blending portion of the system, the control room is now able to have eyes on the entire plant via cameras, communicate with the loader operator and truck driver, and run the blending system from one seat. This is thanks to the SmartBlending control system by Sackett-Waconia and Easy Automation Inc (EAI). 

The plant is a hybrid of an old structure and new, with multiple receiving and output lines. Materials can be received by truck or rail and loaded out to positions outside the tower. So, from simple to complex blends, row crops to turf and ornamentals, the Sackett-Waconia Precision Fertilizer Blending® Tower at Reading offers flexibility and speed, without sacrificing blend quality. 

Specs at a Glance

System: PFB Tower with 3 ton HIM 2.0
Storage: 150+ Tons Overhead – (8) Major, (4) Micro
Blender: 3 ton HIM 2.0 Precision Blender
Micronutrients:(4) Powder, (10) Liquid
Discharge: To trucks, NTEP Certified
Capacity: 185+/- tons per hour
Automation:SmartBlending™, Easy Automation Inc