Olímpia, São Paulo, Brasíl – AccuBlend System

AccuBlend System, by Sackett do Brasíl

Brazilian based Loyder, of the Essere Group, has commissioned a new 64,500 ft2 (6,000 m2) fertilizer plant. The new facility will focus on high-efficiency intelligent soil fertilizers and innovative technologies that aim to promote greater resistance of plants to environmental and human-caused stresses, by acting directly on plant health to activate their innate defense systems. 

Our team at Sackett do Brasil was asked to design and build an AccuBlend system and its controls for Loyder in their Olímpia location and at 9 follow-on locations. An all-stainless AccuBlend with HIM Precision Blender was chosen as the model for all 10 locations. Per the customer’s request, the system outputs to bagging for an overall 60+ tons per hour.

Specs at a Glance

Company: Loyder
Facility Size: 64,500 square feet
Blending System: AccuBlend System, with Controls and Automation
Blender: HIM 2.0 Precision Blender
Capacity: 60+ tph, in 50kg or 1000kg bags


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