PEI, Canada

Precision Fertilizer Blending System

This project was completed in two phases. The initial phase was an upgrade to the reclaim system feeding an existing tower blending system and retrofit of a HIM mixer into it, in order to improve blend quality while a final design for the upgraded full tower could be put in place.

Phase two of the project was to erect a highly flexible Precision Fertilizer Blending® system, re-using the HIM mixer and some of the other equipment from Phase 1. In addition to the normal overhead storage, the customer required additional micronutrient storage, and two 20mton bins to store pre-blended material for later delivery

Specs at a Glance

System: Precision Fertilizer Blending, Low Profile
Storage: 321+/- mton Overhead (226+/- Main Hopper, 55+/- Micro, 40+/- Post-Blend)
Blender: HIM Precision Blender
Discharge: To Trucks
Capacity: 200+/- mtph

Phase 1

Phase 2