Precision Fertilizer Blending®

Precision Fertilizer Blending®

waconiaBlending is a main link between fertilizer production and nutrient uptake. Like the saying goes, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. At Sackett Waconia, we know that without PFB, even the best nutrients and application technology cannot maximize nutrient use efficiency.

Agronomy, planting, and spreading of fertilizer have all seen large technological leaps over the last decade. Fertilizer blending technology was the last link in the chain that needed improvement. Sackett Waconia offers Precision Fertilizer Blending® systems that are engineered to ensure farmers can really put down the right source, at the right rate, at the right time, and in the right place.

A New Standard

Precision Fertilizer Blending® (PFB) was developed to meet the agronomic demands of high quality prescription blends. This technology used by Sackett Waconia focuses on the ability to rapidly and efficiently blend granules, powders, liquids, etc. to a homogeneous mix, and to a level that essentially creates a new product.


The idea behind PFB, is that we CAN create near perfect quality at the retail level. Impregnated liquids can get the coverage equal to the standards reached in a production coating plant. Powders can be dispersed evenly to literally cover every granule. Blends CAN be homogeneous from the beginning to the end, every time with a Sackett Waconia blender or mixer.


In just 4 short years, Precision Fertilizer Blending® systems have been put into use in 17 states. PFB systems have also been in use for over 20 years internationally, due to the stringent requirements for quality.

Why it Works

Precision Fertilizer Blending® utilizes a proprietary mixer with roots in the food industry. This technology was re-engineered mechanically to meet the demanding needs of the fertilizer industry while maintaining the mixing efficiency and gentleness required by the food industry. Our technology is increasingly important with new fertilizers such as polymer coated products and micronutrients that are sensitive to degradation. Precision Fertilizer Blending® is next generation technology helping to shape the global fertilizer industry.


Many of these systems have blended and treated several million tons of fertilizer each, with minimal maintenance. PFB systems are built in our own shops with heavy gauge steel, class II drives, oversized shafts, minimal moving parts, rigorous QC, and use proven automation.

We all have a role to play in good Nutrient Stewardship. Sackett-Waconia’s goal is to make sure that our link in the chain is the strongest.