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Sackett-Waconia is a diversified manufacturer of equipment for the Fertilizer Industry. We were founded in 1897 and use our years of experience to offer high-quality systems in a wide range of solutions from production plants (granulation, compaction, coating), to terminals and warehouses (high speed receiving and loadout), and retail/wholesale bulk blending plants. 

To meet today’s nutrient needs, and assist greater nutrient use efficiency, we engineer systems designed to maximize accuracy, without sacrificing speed or quality. We believe that good nutrient stewardship is supported by every part of the supply chain and are committed to providing the best equipment available. We also are dedicated to listening to our customers and providing each one with engineered systems that meet their needs for years to come. Our experience comes from not only the large production plant, but the small independent too

Together with our Strategic Partners, Sackett do Brasil, we strive to offer industry-leading engineering and manufacturing capabilities, technology development, and customer service.

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