HIM 2 Precision Blender

The Next Generation in Precision Fertilizer Blending®

From the legacy of the Sackett-Waconia HIM comes an improved blender that is built from 22 years of experience, for the highest performance and reliability.

Low Intensity Mixing

·         Low paddle speed/low material impact
·         Easy on materials
·         Gentle mixing

High Efficiency Blending

·         Constant material circulation
·         High incidence of contact and additive transfer
·         Constant motion and tight tolerances (no dead-zones)

20 Years of Improvements

·         Overlapping/counter rotating paddles
·         Tight Tolerances/no Dead Zones
·         Fluidized mixing
·         20second mix time
·         Instant Discharge (Bomb-Bay Doors)
·         Single Drive with Positive Synchronization
·         High Capacity (Up to 300tph throughput)
·         All Stainless Steel Design
·         Improved door and seal designs
·         Improved maintenance access
·         Easy addition of liquids and powders

The Results

The HIM 2 is the culmination of two decades of engineering. This new generation of mixer features improvements in performance, access, material handling, and construction. Also, it's designed with the end user in mind and has safety engineered in on the front end.


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