Many businesses manufacture conveying equipment, but few both build the equipment and engineer the overall system.  With our staff of experienced engineers, this is what we do at Sackett-Waconia. It's what we have done for over 120 years.  For us, it’s not just about moving material, it’s about moving it efficiently.

What does a Sackett-Waconia engineered system encompass?  A package of equipment that will work together as a whole to provide dependability, convenience, and speed.  We have these systems in use worldwide, in capacities from a few tons per hour to 1,200 or more. Our equipment operates in climates varying from equatorial heat and humidity to arctic cold.

We engineer and fabricate systems and equipment for all types of terminals from rail, inland waterway, hub plants, and seaport, to various transload sites. Specializing in type 304 stainless steel, Sackett-Waconia equipment is made to perform well in highly corrosive environments.

We utilize modern control systems to provide the best in dependable automation and process control.  We also provide dust control systems, including baghouses, cyclones, and manual or motorized telescoping spouts.

Trust your next project to Sackett-Waconia, and you will receive an engineered solution that will provide reliable performance for many years.