Portable Conveyors

Portable Conveyors

Sackett-Waconia portable conveyors come in a range of options from light-weight designs to low profile under-car conveyors. Options include both roller and Tri-Glide™ idlers, and all conveyors feature stainless steel construction.

The Portable Undercar Conveyor (UOB)

The Sackett-Waconia Undercar conveyor is a good choice for unloading low profile railcars and trucks. It is well balanced for ease of handling and has removable flared side-boards for better material loading. The unique three-position adjustable incline angle allows users to easily load the downstream device.

Available sizes: 

Model 86: 14′ x 24″
Model 88: 16′ x 24″
Model 1010: 20′ x 24″

Portable Incline Conveyors

Sackett-Waconia portable conveyors are designed for the rugged fertilizer environment. The heavy-duty transport provides a stable and easy height adjustment. The portable conveyors are available with head end or center wrap drives.

Max Conveyors

The Maxconveyor is the heavy duty portable and features a stainless truss design and is available in lengths from 24′ to 56′ standard.

18″ belt width, 2TPM @ 60PCF
24″ belt width, 4TPM @ 60PCF


The Econveyor is lighter than the Maxconveyor, is lower cost, and is designed for lighter use. Available in standard lengths from 28′ to 50′.


18″ belt width, 2 TPM @ 60PCF
24″ belt width, 4 TPM @ 60PCF

Portable Undercar Conveyor (UOB)