En Masse Chain Conveyors

The Sackett-Waconia family of En Masse conveyors provide gentle, low horsepower, low maintenance conveying of fertilizers and other dry bulk materials. By design, they are very gentle on handled materials, guaranteeing minimal product degradation. Their totally enclosed design seals in dust and allows for indoor or outdoor installation.

Especially suited for corrosive environments, these conveyors feature stainless steel bodies and chains with hardened stainless steel pins and bushings. UHMW polyethylene flights have a very low coefficient of friction, are self-lubricating, and are highly resistant to abrasion. They move the product “En Masse” (in a mass or group, all together) to an open gate where it is discharged.

Several discharge gate options are available, including manual, air, and electric operation. Gates are long to minimize carry-over, and each includes a chain cleaner to sweep the chain as it passes the gate.

UHMW Flights

 Large gates