Belt Conveyors


Sackett Waconia has been designing and fabricating belt conveyors for over 100 years. With equipment in operation on 6 continents, 60 countries, and every operational environment except for the arctic, Sackett-Waconia is a name you can trust for fertilizer handling conveyors.

Conveyors to fit All needs

We offer a full line of belt conveyors from our TriGlide™ style loadout conveyors and undercar portables to heavy duty CEMA designs. Capacities depend on the application but can range from 60tph to over 1500+ tph as needed. We offer all types commonly in use, in the fertilizer industry, such as:
• Fixed Belt
• Tripper Belt
• Shuttle Belt
• Walled Belt
• Loadout Conveyors
• Under-Car/Over Track

Endurance and Reliability

Belt conveyors can vary greatly in materials of construction based on the application they will serve in. However, Sackett-Waconia conveyors are all designed for service in the tough and corrosive environment of a fertilizer plant. All conveyor frames feature a formed stainless steel channel design, and we will work with you to match idlers and running gear to your project. All belting is matched to the specific project, but includes a range of options from cleated top PVC to heavy rubber.