Sackett-Waconia offers a line of conveyors that can suit most any need. We design and fabricate our own equipment, and use industry-trusted components for the things we don't. Styles available are belts (including belt-wall), bulk-toter flighted chain conveyors, and horizontal drag conveyors. Capacities range from 5 tons per hour up to over 1200 tons per hour.


Legacy Since their introduction in the 1960’s, Sackett-Waconia Bulk-Toters have earned an unsurpassed reputation for reliability, clean operation, convenience and speed. Their self-regulating in-feed hoppers allow flood feeding, without fear of overloading. Operation Specifically designed to transfer free flowing bulk materials, the Bulk-Toters provides safe , dust tight, spill proof all weather covering. They can […]

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Powder Feeder

The Sackett-Waconia Powder Feeder is purpose-built and extensively tested to handle nearly any powdered additive, whether it comes in barrels, boxes, or bags.

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