Our Company


Sackett-Waconia has a combined 180 years of experience in the Fertilizer Industry, and offers high quality systems for the Global Fertilizer Industry. We specialize in complete system design for Bulk Blending, Bulk Terminals, Granulation (NPK, SSP, AMS), Compaction/Granulation, Super Phosphate and Coating (powder, controlled release).

To meet today’s nutrient needs, and assist greater nutrient use efficiency, Sackett-Waconia engineers systems designed to maximize accuracy. We believe that good nutrient stewardship is supported by every part of the supply chain. We promote environmentally friendly Precision Fertilizer Blending® technologies which focus on the 4R Nutrient Stewardship concept of getting the right nutrients to the right crops at the right time and rate.




Sackett was founded as “The A.J. Sackett & Sons Company” in 1897 on the east coast of the united states. During this formative time in the Fertilizer Industry Sackett lead in the creation of new and more efficient technology, amassing over 100 patents for both new technology and processes, and improvements to existing ones. Sackett’s reach expanded globally to 60 countries, as they moved in to the 2000’s, with products and equipment in every aspect of the industry, from granulation and compaction to blending and loadout.

Waconia was founded in 1959 as Waconia Manufacturing, Inc. in Waconia Minnesota. The company was a diversified manufacturer of bulk material handling and blending systems. Waconia Manufacturing is famous for the quality of equipment produced, with fertilizer blend tower being the signature. Waconia has thousands of installations throughout North America and was well placed in the heart of the Midwest, and has sold equipment to thousands of fertilizer plants and enjoys a world-wide reputation for quality and customer service.

In late 2016, the company began to merge with Waconia Manufacturing Inc, in Waconia, MN. The companies had been under the same ownership since 1994 and now have a combined 5 manufacturing floors, with four in the United States and one in Araxá, Brasil. Combining the companies streamlines engineering, product design, efficient equipment fabrication, customer service and support. The combined companies of Sackett-Waconia and Sackett Do Brasil offer expertise in engineering and design for all aspects of the Industry.





Sackett-Waconia, USA and Bagtech International, South Africa have reached an agreement to work together on the African Continent to jointly pursue marketing and supply of Fertilizer Blending, Handling and Process Systems. The combined Companies bring extensive experience in marketing, designing and supplying fertilizer systems including Blending, Bagging, Handling and Granulation. With a long standing reputation for quality and service and more than 1,000 blending plants in operation, Sackett-Waconia brings more than 180 years of Fertilizer Industry experience and an extensive proven product line operating in over 60 countries. Bagtech brings broad knowledge, equipment design and supply, plant operating experience and an excellent reputation for Blending and Bagging specific to Africa. The combined companies’ goal is to be the premier Company offering experience, equipment, and support to the African Fertilizer Industry.